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Dog Training and Behavior Consultatons

Thinking Dog offers private and group dog training classes and private behavior consultations.

Dog training offerings include:

  • Puppy and adult dog basic manners

  • Working through teenage shenanigans

  • Canine Good Citizen test series prep and testing

  • Trick dog training and testing for the AKC Trick Dog title program

  • Pre-sports and canine conditioning- foundation skills to set your sport dog up for success

  • Treibball- dog sport where dogs learn to work at a distance and move large balls into a goal. Also known as 'canine soccer' or 'urban herding'

  • Parkour- 'urban agility' uses items in the environment to teach dogs to jump, balance, crawl, climb, and more! Great for fitness, fun, and confidence!

  • And more! Contact us to see if we fit your training need.

Behavior Consultation offerings include:

  • Dog body language and communication

  • Stress and arousal issues

  • Confidence/scared dog

  • Resource guarding and territorial behavior

  • Dog to dog conflict/aggression

  • Dog to human aggression

  • Dog to cat/other pet troubles

  • Introducing new baby and adjusting for other life changes

  • Choosing your new puppy/dog

  • New puppy/dog preparations

  • And more! Contact us to see if we fit your training/behavior needs or for a referral to colleagues who do.

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