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Online Classes

Thinking Dog offers private and group dog training classes and private behavior consultations. These offerings are also available online!

Private training and behavior consultations can be done remotely (online) and utilize pre-recorded video, video submission by student, video chat, and messages/email.

Online group training classes are done via pre-recorded video, video submission by students, online chat forum for group discussion/questions, and written instructions. 

 Online group class offerings include:

  • Puppy and adult dog basic manners

  • Brave Dog

  • Hiking and off leash skills

  • Treibball- dog sport where dogs learn to work at a distance and move large balls into a goal. Also known as 'canine soccer' or 'urban herding'

  • Parkour- 'urban agility' uses items in the environment to teach dogs to jump, balance, crawl, climb, and more! Great for fitness, fun, and confidence!

    April 15, 2020 starts the new online classes! Due to these challenging times price has been reduced to help students.  Online class is currently $100 for 6  weeks.  The first 4 weeks will be working on skills and students can submit 1-2 videos per week for feedback. The last 2 weeks will be for questions, more video review with feedback given, and additional access to the videos of skills learned.

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